COVID-19: Ginger, Garlic, Lemon Juice Not Prevention

Nigerians have been advised to ignore series of information suggesting that Ginger, Garlic and hot lemon juice can help to prevent corona virus. The advise was given by Prof. Dimie Ogoina, Professor of Medicine and Consultant Infectious Diseases at the Niger Delta University and Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital (NDUTH) Bayelsa State, Nigeria. He is also the current Chief Medical Director of the NDUTH and President of the Nigeria Infectious Diseases Society (NIDS).
Prof. Dimie Ogoina, while speaking to female journalists under the platform of Nigerian Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ Lagos, explained that, “the virus and the disease are new. There are so many things not known about the disease. For now, there is no evidence to suggest that garlic, ginger or hot lemon juice protects against coronavirus.”
Prof. Ogoina allayed the fears of many, saying that the survival rate is high and not as deadly as many imagined.“The virus is new, never previously described. It causes a respiratory disease characterised mainly by cough and fever. It is contagious, can be transmitted from person to person.”
“Fortunately, it is not as deadly as being perceived. Most will recover, about 3% suffer mortality, especially in persons above 60 or with co-morbid disease”, he added.
Prof. Ogoina explained how the virus causing COVID-19 is being transmitted, Animal to human, human to human and Environment to human.
“Animal to human: When undercooked or raw animals are eaten. Although the virus is thought to originate from bats, the exact animal host responsible for the disease is yet unknown.
“Human to human transmission: the virus is not exactly airborne by technical definition. It can be contracted from respiratory droplets with close contact with someone infected especially when they cough and sneeze. When these droplets touch the eyes, nose and mouth, then infection is possible. Airborne transmission occur when ineffective agents are inhaled. COVID-19 Is not transmitted by inhalation, except under certain procedures undertaken in the hospital setting.
“Environment to human: COVID-19 can be acquired if infected droplets from coughing and sneezing contaminates surfaces. This is what we call formites. When you touch these fomites and then touch your nose, mouth or eyes, then you can become infected.”
To prevent more travellers who have been infected from transmitting the disease to Nigerians, he opined that, “Nigeria routinely screens every traveller in our major international airports by checking for fever and asking for symptoms such as cough. Unfortunately, it is neither feasible nor evidence based to test everyone for the virus even if they have no symptoms.
“The Ports Health Authority are expected to be extra vigilant. However, I observed a knowledge gap as most of them don’t use face mask appropriately.”

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